Bonsai export of japan

- Notice to our overseas customers.

At our company, the exporting of all our bonsai plants and related goods is entrusted to bonsai exporting professionals.

For customers who wish purchase bonsai plants and related goods from our website, please purchase them via the bonsai exporting professional designated by our company.

Be rest assured that the import and export company designated by our company offer safe and secure transactions.

The export company designated by our company:

1) Company (FROM JAPAN) 

We ask for your consent regarding exporting costs, as the costs will be higher than those of normal domestic sales within Japan. 

Please refer to the items regarding expenses below.

1) Exported bonsai will be inspected both within Japan and in the customer’s country.
    Such inspection requires a sterilization fee.

2) Export processing fee

3) Shipping costs

4) Bonsai export charges


After the fees in 1 to 4 above have been estimated, the customer may conclude whether to proceed with the transaction.


The inquiry form for the company below can be found here. 

1) Company (FROM JAPAN)


Make sure to include the following items when filling out the inquiry form:

1) Your country

2) The product number for the bonsai you wish to purchase

3) The URL of the page that contains the bonsai you wish to purchase

Make sure the three items above are included in your inquiry.

The import and export company will provide a reply at a later date.

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